Spaying an older dog

I have had a dog for nearly 4yrs now ( Fox terrier ) she was six when she was left with me, (her owner died suddenly).
She is not spayed still comes on heat, vet says it will be fine to spay at that age, (will she be more at risk at her age.)

geni40, Mar 29, 12:21 am

So she would be 10yrs now!
My first thought was due to her age, how would she go under anaesthesia, but get the vet to do pre-op bloods just to be sure liver/kidneys are all up to scratch.
Obviously being older the recovery time can take longer. Pyometra is definitely something you need to be aware of with her being unspeyed.
At the end of the day it's better to spey than not, but be aware that there are risks. Then again, she may be one of the many that have no issues and bounce back before you know it.

gmnshprd, Mar 29, 12:43 am

probably slightly different and a few years younger, but i got my working sog neutered and hes nearly 7. they did the perbloods and he was fine. abit slower to wake up. was still real wobbly when i picked him up at the end of the day and he was the first done that morning.

lmwhite, Mar 29, 5:32 am

I got my Lab done at 9, she took a bit more than a younger dog to recover, but recovered well all the same.

It cost me a bit more as they did bloods to ensure she would cope with the surgery and a bit more in pain relief, but otherwise it was ok.

dairyfarmerolli, Mar 29, 8:34 am

I had an old girl spayed at 10 plus years and she is fine.

md13, Mar 29, 9:29 am

We had one of our girls done - probably about 18 years ago, and she was 7, I think!(No, she isn't still alive). She was fine, afterwards.

jackieclark, Mar 29, 9:33 am

Agree with above

dyles, Mar 29, 10:27 am

Our old lab was spayed at 11yrs old and our Rottie was 10yr old when spayed, both recovered very well.

ka-dih1, Mar 29, 10:41 am

If you don't trust your vet might I suggest you get another vet you have more faith in!

semper, Mar 29, 11:15 am

my Lab girl was speyed at 10 when she went blind, no probs at all did have a bit more painkillers, she is still going strong at 12 walking in of leash area most days to keep the weight down.

joberri, Mar 29, 11:18 am

semper, where does she say she doesn't have faith in her vet!

white_elephant, Mar 29, 11:18 am

No problem at all. Terriers live forever she is still young ! Had one done at 11 and she bounced back like a two year old.

wessex, Mar 29, 4:51 pm

Was worried about my older dog, about 7+ (guess). She'd had pups as well. So paid a bit more and choose an experienced vet and she was fine.

mushroom990, Mar 29, 5:03 pm

my foxie got pyometra,didn't have an option it was 'life or death',she must have been about 12 at the time and she was speyed with no problems

ethel5, Mar 31, 3:45 pm

geni40 wrote:

I have had a dog for nearly 4yrs now ( Fox terrier ) she was six when she was left with me, (her owner died suddenly).
She is not spayed still comes on heat, vet says it will be fine to spay at that age, ( will she be more at risk at her age.)


another day missing your " be nice" pills semper!

teesebaker, Mar 31, 3:53 pm

Quote OP ".vet says it will be fine to spay at that age,."

The OP then started this thread.This tells me the OP has no faith in their vet.

If my vet told me something was OK and I had faith in them the last thing I would do is start a thread asking non qualified people their opinions.

That is why I understood the OP must not trust their vet.

semper, Mar 31, 9:26 pm

Does not sound like I need any tablets.

semper, Mar 31, 9:28 pm

Just had my 10 year old speyed.due to pyometra.went well.Wish I had done it earlier though.

mothersnest, Mar 31, 11:15 pm

There are measures your vet will/should take to make it safer for her to have an anaesthetic. Doing things like pre-op blood tests, and having IV fluids during surgery are all helpful for her - you will find you will probably have to pay extra for these but totally worth the extra expense.
With all anaesthetics just like humans there is always a risk though no matter the age or health of the animal.

2spotties, Apr 1, 11:26 am

Had a 10yr Samoyed spayed once due to pyometria, vet worried as she was so sick, came out early next morning to see if she was ok, she rolled over so he could see her tum, I think he was so relieved. We fed her chicken and tripe while she recovered, ( recommended can't remember why). She died naturally at 13.

amph981, Apr 1, 4:07 pm

I've had a 8 yr old bitch speyed and all was good.But after the way by boy declined healthwise when he was neutered at the same age I'd never neuter a older dog again.

chelseas-nana, Apr 1, 5:34 pm

We adopted one of our old farm dogs as a pet when she was finished working as she was too good to just dispose of, but no good for working anymore plus she had been with since a pup so just couldnt let her go! lol She was speyed at 11yrs old, but sadly didnt make it. She went through surgery fine, but died from complications just a few days later. I would still do it with another. There are risks, but totally worth it

andrea210, Apr 1, 9:31 pm