Sunburn (horse)

I put sunblock on my white nosed horse when its a sunny 'burny' day, and last year he got no sunburn at all.This year I've continued to put sunblock on (on the few 'summery' days we've had this summer!) and he's had really bad sunburn!Is it purely sun!I have heard something about mineral imbalances or something similar that can make sunburn worse!Can anyone shed any light on this!Thanks :)

charlton3, Feb 6, 1:52 pm

I got my worst sunburn of the year on Saturday, it was overcast and chilly. I spent half the day considering going and getting a sweatshirt to put on.
Maybe that is how you are getting caught out if you are only sunblocking on sunny days.

robbie42, Feb 6, 2:20 pm

apparently some grasses can make skin more photo sensitive to uv rays and
there is a lot more grass around this year.I have used a homeopathic remedy "sol" which works really well but did find it not so effective this best when my boy is on hay only

harry34, Feb 6, 2:20 pm

interesting about the grasses harry. I do remember hearing that buttercup can burn their noses.

robbie42, Feb 6, 2:29 pm

Mine's got the nose shade on every day now.

bbarcheree75, Feb 6, 2:35 pm

You can buy some stuff from that homopathic lady near hamilton, her name isTeneka something, sorry I cannot find my friends book with the details in it, and you put so many drops in the water trough and it stops the horses getting burnt. My friend is away at the moment, so I will get her to check this thread, and fill in the information as soon as she gets home.

josie12, Feb 6, 2:54 pm

Suneze google.

nofrills2, Feb 6, 3:19 pm

I use a homeopathic product called Sol, its absolutely awesome, you buy it from
You give them 2 drops 4 times 10 minutes apart to start them off (on an apple or something), then just put a capful in trough once a week. I love it!

roozy456, Feb 6, 3:23 pm

I've used suneze and it's great but I've heard about a new product that's now available in the shops. It's a sunblock powder from vetpro, that's put on like a mineral foundation. It goes on easily but doesn't come off easily and lasts for ages. The horses don't object to it because it's not all sticky like filtabac. It cost $35, I can't wait to try it.

3ofeach, Feb 6, 4:21 pm

have you got lots of white clover!

mitchb, Feb 6, 5:19 pm

ive always used nose shades with all my pink nosed horses for many many years now and never had any sunburn.They live in them, off for nights, back on the next day.All year round.

lj29, Feb 6, 5:25 pm

Thanks for all the ideas.Yea, you kind of forget about sunburn when it's cloudy - but it still happens.That powder sounds good - better than sticky cream a.And will have a look at Suneze and Sol.Harry34 and mitchb, I'm thinking along the same kind of lines, just trying to find some stuff out on the internet.There is some white clover in his paddock, not heaps of it.I actually sprayed out an area a few weeks back to kill everything but the native grasses - which seems to have worked pretty well.I wonder if that will help his sunburn.Do you know why clover is a problem for sunburn!

charlton3, Feb 6, 5:29 pm

Yea nose shades are probably the most effective but I don't leave a halter on.Think I might chop the buckles off a halter and replace with velcro (have seen them somewhere) so I don't have to worry about him getting caught up.

charlton3, Feb 6, 5:31 pm

that might be a good idea if you are worried about them getting caught:)I've always made sure the halters fit well so never had any rubs either.My young horse would lick any sunblock off, would be a waste of time.

lj29, Feb 6, 5:34 pm

It's the UV light that burns, and the wavelength of UV that causes the burn can and does penetrate cloud - that is why at this time of year, you need the sun block on all the time.Also if the sun comes out for 15 minutes between 10 and 2, it's enough to give a good burn.I always used nose shades - had one madam that would very carefully wipe her nose on the grass to remove the sunblock!

deered, Feb 6, 5:42 pm

filterback is good ;-)

horsepower7, Feb 6, 5:56 pm

I have used suneeze in the past and it is brilliant. I now use Sol which is about half the price of Suneeze. I spray it into their mouths once a week . very easy

biggles001, Feb 6, 8:03 pm

Where do you get Sol from!

gg999, Feb 6, 9:12 pm

Here is the web address of the Homeopathic Farm Support, you can get the "sol" sunscreen from here

gasngo2, Feb 7, 11:42 am

I find that using human sunblock is great,,, i use the waterproof ones and after a couple of apps my horses dont mind cos its not sticky and horrible like zinc or filterbac

j96, Feb 7, 12:25 pm

I hate filtabac - doesnt work on my appy.I just used the Vet Direct one from SW, in the big pot and it works well, appy doesn't mind it either.I find the overcast days almost more "burny" that the true summery days, so be careful.

missmuppett, Feb 7, 2:17 pm

I suggest a nose shade. They work a lot better than sunblock, and are a lot less annoying for both you and the horse. Cloth ones tend to rub though if they get wet. Plastic-ish ones seem not to, but they don't last as long.

volkier, Feb 7, 2:21 pm

The cheapest thing I find that works is Zinc & Cator oil cream. You can get large tubs from the pharmacy for around $15. It doesn't come off so easily as Filtabac and is half the cost.

My horses has UV sensitivity and has 4 stocking and a huge white patch over her back and shoulders. Nightmare.

guest, Aug 26, 10:45 am

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