Flea Treatment

Has anyone used that evance flea treatment!Wondering how good it is!

bingo75, Jan 18, 8:56 am

I have got it for my little dog had been useing the vet s*&t for the last year and never worked on her. She has had this evance on for 3 weeks now and no flea's thank god. she is due again next week but will put it on a couple of days early to make sure they dont come back.

mytime1, Jan 18, 9:29 am

mytime1 could you please tell me what teh active ingredient in it is! we use practic as frontline stopped working for our dogs.

ashanti, Jan 18, 10:28 am

bump, im trying to find something that wont kill my dogs and actualy works, ive actually havent had to de flea my dogs for 6 years so 2 of mine havnt ever been done and 1 hasnt been done since he was 2, seems this year the natural stuff isnt working, fleas suck!

dogcrazzzzy, Jan 18, 12:55 pm

BINGO75I have been using evance now for 3mths have tried everything else but wasn't working but since i have been using evance i have had no fleas it is really good stuff just my opinion though but wouldn't go back to using anything else i have chihuahuas and no reaction to it on any of them.

anita502, Jan 18, 1:23 pm

Try feeding garlic, flakes or powder mixed with food daily - cheaper than any flea treatment and my dog sleeps outside too.
never had fleas in house or on animals since.

katatak, Jan 18, 1:42 pm

yup, ive been using garlic for 6 years, aswell as other stuff but this last month my dogs have been itchy and ive been picking fleas off daily.

dogcrazzzzy, Jan 18, 2:10 pm

it says Active Constituent 100g/L Imidacloprid. I have used advance from the vets as well as frontline and yes i have breed dogs for years and they always get garlic they are even wash it garlic. For this little dog it has been the only thing that will work and i don,t want to use the pill from the vets.

mytime1, Jan 18, 3:09 pm

advance/evance are the same thing - nasty toxic crap IMO.but unfortunately, sometimes necessary.As for the pills - no way I'd give any of them to my dogs!

mottly, Jan 18, 3:12 pm

. well this may sound really strange, but my farmer uncle has a good handmedown remedy for fleas in the house (he does have plenty of indoor pets) . he just puts macrocapra branches under the furniture, couches, beds etc (they are also out of site) and not a flea in the house to be found. They just hate the stuff.So if kitty or puppy bring any in from outside, they aren't around long. He said this really works altough he doesn't know why . he doesn't care,just fleas are not a problem in their house.

wittledarling, Jan 22, 8:05 pm

Gosh that sounds amazing wittledarling!.I have been searching for a non chemical remedy for ages.I hate using chemicals on my fur babies.have at times when the fleas get too much.but it always worries me.Have heard about the garlic.Where would I get Macrocarpa branches from!I am in Welly.Does anyone else know of any natural remedies!Thank you :)

peace.ov.art, Jan 22, 8:16 pm

. maybe botanical gardens, or park . they are the trees that have those round nut things that look like those old fashioned buttons. a lot of farming properties have the trees around, maybe some firwood merchants can get some when out stocking their yards.

wittledarling, Jan 22, 8:29 pm

growing in the garden, Tansey, worm wood and lavender plants. the dogs will run through these to get the oils on their coats. works a treat.

spaseeker1, Jan 23, 1:35 pm

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